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Shipping, Returns, General Information


  • I strive to ship orders as quickly as possible, usually 1-2 business days for stock on hand. Keep in mind when ordering through PayPal that the  shipping address that you provided for Paypal is the address your purchases will ship to.  If you wish to ship to a different address please confirm by contacting me when you purchase. If you are purchasing a gift I will be happy to provide a gift card and message.

  • Custom orders will receive an estimate on time to completion and shipment which depending on the product ordered can take as long as 4-6 weeks to allow for curing time of cold process soap.

  • I currently ship orders via USPS Monday through Friday except for postal holidays. I will choose the best method to provide you with affordable shipping, from First Class Mail to Flat Rate depending on the number of products that can fit in each mailing envelope or box, and the fragility/packing needs of the items.

  • I do ship to APO/FPO addresses for our much appreciated military service members.

  • If you would like to request a different or faster shipping method please contact me prior to your purchase and I will work with you.

  • INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: I do not list international shipping prices at this time. If you are interested in international shipping, please contact me before making your purchase and indicate the item you want to purchase and the country you want it shipped to. I will provide a pricing estimate within 48 hours. All international shipments will be sent via USPS Priority Insured. Any customs charges or fees will be paid by the buyer.


If you are unhappy for any reason with a product that you purchased please let me know within 2 days of receiving it. My goal is to have 100% happy and satisfied customers, and I will work with you to resolve any issues that may arise. Unfortunately bath and body products cannot be returned due to the personal nature of the products but I will do my best to find the solution that is best for you, the customer.

General Information

  • Google Analytics is used to collect data about traffic to this website and may use cookies and other anonymous identifiers. I may use this data to help me manage how I set up pages and how the site is found by visitors. No personally identifiable information will ever be used. Information may include Audience Demographics and Interests data collection. If you want to opt out of Google Analytics you can get an add on to download to your browser here: Google Opt Out Browser Add On

  • Disclaimer: The statements presented on this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products offered on this web site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • Allergies: If you have allergies or sensitivities, please read the ingredients carefully before ordering. If you don't see an ingredient list or if you have questions, please contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions to the best of my ability. Be aware, people with allergies to bees may also have an allergic reaction to products with beeswax. People with nut allergies may also have an allergic reaction to nut butters or oils such as Shea Butter and Almond Oil. If you are susceptible to skin sensitivities I recommend spot testing a small area for a few days before using it over your whole body. If you would like a small sample of a product to test before buying, contact me and I can send you one for the cost of shipping. Anyone can develop an allergy to any ingredient at any time. Because everyone's skin is different, and I obtain my supplies from several different vendors, I can not guarantee that you will not have a reaction to any given product, and I am not liable for any such reaction. If skin irritation develops, discontinue use.

  • Soap may not look exactly as pictured: My soaps are created with high quality ingredients in small batches. Though I have some tried and true recipes, each batch is unique so please keep in mind that handcrafted soap may look different from batch to batch. My soap can contain natural oils, butters, and botanical ingredients that often change in color and will alter appearance over time. This does not affect the quality of the soap, as a matter of fact soap ages like a fine wine, as it gets older it gets better! For this reason, the soap you receive will not look exactly as pictured. I hand cut every bar, so expect to see some discrepancies in size as is with all handmade items. Weights given are a generalization as they can change slightly as the soap ages and cures. I love handmade natural soaps for the uniqueness of each one and I hope you find that special as well.

  • Variations are part of the natural beauty of handcrafted items that are not mass produced in a foreign factory by anonymous workers to look all the same. Mass produced soap is usually stripped of it's naturally occurring glycerin and replaced with cheaper fillers and detergents so the company can sell the glycerin alone to make more profit. Each bar of my handmade soap is made using my personal formulation for the best quality soap, and I never remove the good stuff!

  • Wholesale: Sorry, I currently do not wholesale.

  • I make many different types of handcrafted soap, mostly hot or cold process lye soap. These soaps often come minimally packaged as they do best when they are able to breath. I do make some novelty soaps with a high quality melt and pour glycerin base which you will receive wrapped in shrink wrap. These soaps do better when wrapped until use so the humectant qualities of the high glycerin content don't evaporate from the soap. In humid areas, these soaps may still develop condensation or develop glycerin beads on the outside even when wrapped. This does not affect the usability of the soap, you can rinse or wipe it off and continue to use it.

  • FAQ: To get the longest and best use from your new soap, don't expose it to continuous running or sitting water. Use a well draining soap dish. Most soap bars are large enough to cut in half so you can use one half at a time, keeping the other half dry until you are ready to use it.

  • FAQ: Get the best big bubble lather by using a bath pouf or loofah!

  • FAQ: For best results use a mild exfoliator (like a bath pouf) daily and a moisturizing lotion or oil after bathing.